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1 August 2011
"If he could just be quieter and not shout at referees, he'd be perfect!"
1 July 2011
"The English mentality is to work hard and try your best. The fans get everything from me and ?I think they appreciate that..."
"Highbury had something special about it. I like the Emirates but it's still growing on me"
1 July 2011
"On the eve of the World Cup final, my players were anxious and having trouble sleeping. I found them playing mini-golf in the hotel corridor..."
"It cost City £350 million to win a trophy worth £2 million!"
15 May 2011
"Sorry, Dad, I can't make you manager of this team – there can only be one..."
"I could win Wrestlemania, but I'd prefer Preston staying up"
10 April 2011
"De Jong's tackle deserved a red card and three months in jail..."
5 April 2011
"Yeah, I'd wear my crown around the house. Perhaps, on a special occasion, when the kids have gone to bed... you know..."


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