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1 October 2010
"I can get some long words on Countdown. I don't think Merse would accept an invitation to go on - he knows his limitations"
1 October 2010
"John Terry is a natural leader, and Lionel Messi is the attacking player of the 21st century. I can't even specify his position. He's everywhere"
16 September 2010
"Domenech was right: I’m a Scorpio, I had his wife, and I’m a bad man..."
5 September 2010
"There was the odd head-in-hands when the team was announced with me in it, but it was all a bit of banter..."
1 September 2010
"Actually, I'm weirdly jealous of bald people"
24 August 2010
"We could get Ibrahimovic. I know that sounds weird, but I could see it. He’d fit in at Spurs...."
6 August 2010
"Obviously if we can get one over on Portsmouth along the way, that would be even better..."
1 August 2010
"Roberto Baggio was a charismatic leader – he even enjoyed those games where his team were losing"
17 July 2010
"I'd like a go at being Bugs Bunny. He was tremendous at outwitting everyone..."
26 June 2010
"Sepp Blatter in a loin cloth, covered in body paint? That would be brilliant..."


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