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6 May 2010
"If all players are fit for the World Cup we can beat all the teams..."
"I’m responsible for installing the professional era in Argentina..."
"Wash 'n' Go? I've got bags full of it, mate. The boys have never smelled so good"
19 April 2010
"Nah, I can't put myself in. Actually, yeah, sure I can - I was top scorer at Euro 2008!"
1 April 2010
"Peter Sissons would give you a knock with a spanner, but I might stand a chance with Moira Stewart"
1 April 2010
"If I wasn't a footballer I'd have gone to university – I got A-Levels in economics and psychology"
19 March 2010
"I went to get my car fixed, and by the time I got out of the showroom I'd put a down payment on a convertible Maserati and a Mercedes"
"United are still in the Simon Cowell trousers..."
1 March 2010
"When I saw my goals on Soccer AM for the first time, I kept pausing it and playing it back"
3 February 2010
"I'm sure the Newcastle fan with a tattoo of me regrets it!"


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