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21 October 2009
"I'm still waiting for Sir Alex to buy me a drink – it was my two goals against United that got Ron Atkinson the sack"
6 October 2009
"Guardiola is my hero. He has always been my hero since I was young. I always watched him play..."
2 October 2009
"The only thing I remember about Lyon is the players telling me I spoke French like a Spanish cow"
1 October 2009
"It's so difficult to dance properly. I'll dance after a couple of beers..."
18 September 2009
"On ability alone, England have never had a more gifted midfield player than Gazza"
1 September 2009
"I have to wear an ankle brace when I play tennis, as a result of a football injury"
1 August 2009
"I'm told Messi is good. I wouldn't know – I only watch Premier League and Championship football"
1 August 2009
"I rang Dean Windass and pretended to be interested in signing him. It went on for five minutes. I started to feel sorry for him."
1 August 2009
"In Rio, things are quieter. They’ve heard of me, but don’t know my face..."
28 July 2009
"In 1996, I signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United..."


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