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9 June 2010
"Goalkeepers should be solid and secure first, and then brilliant second..."
8 June 2010
"If I get beat, I have to play again and again until I win. They always ask: “Why do you hate losing so much, Dad?”
8 June 2010
"If we won the World Cup it would be biggest party Montevideo has ever seen. It would last a week."
8 June 2010
"When you look at them one by one, England have a lot of players with great individual talents - it’s just a case of them trying to reach some kind of harmony..."
5 June 2010
Jacques Chirac must have said something as he handed over the World Cup, but I was in my own little world..."
"Even if we’d won the Europa League, beating Juve would still have been the highlight. A ridiculous game, unbelievable."
18 May 2010
“It’s about making the spectacle for players and fans all the better and I’d recommend anybody to take it up and give it a go”
13 May 2010
"I’m pretty handy, although I’m not really one for slam dunks – I can only just about reach the net!"
13 May 2010
There were problems with the press, the usual supporters’ expectations...let's just say that it was a very unique and intense atmosphere"
7 May 2010
"Lionel Messi would be a nice player to come off the bench for the last 20 when the defenders are starting to tire"


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