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1 September 2006
"My mates said it looked like I'd been shot by a sniper"
1 August 2006
"Zinedine Zidane is the one player who could play in any team and in any position"
"Where I was brought up, there wasn’t really much of a Morris dancing scene"
"I lost a shoe in the Stretford End"
1 June 2006
"I got a lot of stick off my mates when I cried against Villa"
1 June 2006
"Can I sing? I’m better when I’ve ?had a few drinks inside me. All the lads think they can sing but they’re all tone deaf"
21 May 2006
"Leaving Liverpool was the first time I made a decision that was more in my interests than the club's"
1 May 2006
"I don't care what people say – the Mighty Ducks were legendary"
1 May 2006
"The younger lads call me 'Screech' from Saved By The Bell because I used to have his hairstyle"
"The surgeon said 'Ted, you're better getting it taken off below your knee'..."


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