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15 January 2008
"It's not a nice feeling when the media goes on more about Zidane than the fact we'd won the World Cup"
12 January 2008
"A petting zoo? What’s that? A Stan Collymore dogging thing?"
11 January 2008
"Thierry Henry would blow me away over 100 metres, but make it a little shorter and it might be a different story..."
9 January 2008
"I was born with a ball in my head. I studied just to make my mum and dad proud..."
1 January 2008
“I got stuck at an EU summit in Brussels and missed us staying up by beating Plymouth in the last game."
1 January 2008
"There’s no way that I could pass up the opportunity to play in this team."
1 January 2008
"The FA cost me £1.5m and my marriage, so I ran round the car park with knickers on my head shouting 'You’re a bunch of tw*ts'"
1 January 2008
"I wouldn’t have minded playing with Roy Keane. But he’d probably spend 90 minutes screaming at me."
1 January 2008
"Playing against Man United in the FA Cup was an amazing experience. I spent most of the game chasing shadows."
1 January 2008
“They were right to call me a thug in the papers”


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