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1 December 2007
"My mates told me there was a job going as a lollipop man and challenged me to take it up"
21 November 2007
"You can’t switch off for a minute. Every time you get the ball, there’s a chance of scoring..."
12 November 2007
"I was pretty good at football. I was a striker. But I always felt that tennis was more my thing.”
4 November 2007
"If you think Camacho sweats a lot as a coach, imagine how much he sweated as a player..."
1 November 2007
"Surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle, a mentality, an attitude"
1 November 2007
"Straight away, they think I'm a trouble maker..."
1 November 2007
"I played against Man Utd U16s for Blackburn U16s and we won 9-0. Oh, and I scored six of them..."
1 November 2007
"I wasn’t picked for my school team whilst I was playing for St Johnstone. I reckon it was because I hadn’t done my homework..."
1 November 2007
"I took Asprilla fishing once. He broke my fishing rods and made a big mess in my boat."
1 October 2007
"He was a complete loony in the dressing room – I had to have him in my squad"


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