Quiz! Can you name the club by their PES 2017 name?

That wacky, unlicenced bunch are coming back to a pixellated screen near you. But while they've nabbed the rights to Arsenal and Liverpool, the rest of the Premier League and Championship are a little less official…

We've all loved Pro Evolution Soccer at some point in our lives. If you haven't, you're just bang wrong. Who couldn't love typo favourites 'Roberto Larcos' and 'Radolno'?  

Konami may have fallen some way behind EA Sports in recent years, but they'll soon be back with a new version that – whisper it quietly – our experts suspect might just be better than its FIFA counterpart this season. With the PES demo out this week too, you can make an early judgement for yourself.

Anyway, we've listed the 2017 team names (which are customisable, don't worry) below. All you have to do is decipher them. As ever, we want to hear how you got on @FourFourTwo, and we'll retweet your scores. Enjoy!

(Please note: On desktop, 'Pre Lea' denotes Premier League and 'Cha' is Championship.)

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