Will Tata be rebuilding Barça after Bayern debacle?

Our man in Spain on Barcelona's new gaffer

And then there was one -“ a figure very few people had actually heard of, although that's hardly the fault of the gentleman in question.

Luis Enrique revealed that no-one from Barcelona contacted either he or his club, Celta Vigo, to talk about the vacant Camp Nou post. That means that for all the speculation, there was only one real candidate to coach the Catalans and do what he is told by the club'™s star striker.

That man is Argentinian coach Gerardo '˜Tata'™ Martino, now being praised to high heaven by Barcelona newspapers whose journalists are probably now claiming they have had their beady eyes on for years.

The Selector-in-Chief in this particular decision seems to have been the Camp Nou's King Joffrey, Leo Messi, which means Enrique probably never stood a chance. Even Tata himself admits the same, claiming at a farewell press conference from Argentina that 'œI have no doubt Jorge [Messi'™s father] and Leo Messi had weight in the decision and gave their opinion.'

Still, the local papers are revealing all the secrets of the new coach who is set to be at the Catalan club for at least two years, according to a contract yet to be signed. 'œA winner, humble and professional' boasts the front cover of Sport on a figure that sounds like the polar opposite to La Liga Loca.

In an enthusiastic yet desperate opinion piece, Joan Vehils calls on the world of Barcelona to unite behind the new boss, whether they've heard of him or not. 'œIf we support him, help him, show that we are a uniting and accepting bunch, he will surely end up triumphant.' As the blog'™s Nan used to say, 'œif ifs and ands were pots and pans... something, something else'. To be honest LLL had always stopped listening by then. It was the heavy Brummie accent.

Mundo Deportivo picks up on the admission from Tata that 'œwe are going to adapt ourselves to Barcelona,' which is what one would expect from an incoming boss, considering the Argentinian is surprised to be managing the Camp Nou club at all. 'œI was getting ready to have some rest and wait for the right job opportunity to come along,' admitted Martino.

Tata'™s first task, aside from pinning a name badge to his chest on arriving at the Camp Nou, may be picking up the pieces of what could be a disastrous pre-season friendly on Wednesday night against Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena. The club currently have no Neymar and no Spanish internationals, although Messi is kicking about. 'œA strange game, badly scheduled,' writes AS editor Alfredo Relano. 'œIt could be a debacle which will not help to lift any spirits.' 

Wednesday'™s match in the Allianz Arena could be just another chapter in what has been a very trying summer for Barcelona.