K. Rajagobal

8 August 2016
Selangor assistant coach P. Gunalan has taken over Zainal Abidin Hassan’s role, but the Red Giants are actively looking for a long-term replacement. Vijhay Vick lists his top five picks for the job … 
31 May 2016
2019 Asian Cup Qualifying Playoff | Larkin Stadium | Thurs June 2 | 8.45pm
28 April 2016
Three coaches have been relieved since the start of the 2016 Malaysian season, and more could follow given the country’s volatile coaching situation. Vijhay Vick lists down four high-profile coaches who may be casualties for trigger-happy clubs… 
18 April 2016
In an exclusive interview with FourFourTwo, Brazilian-born Timor Leste international Junior Aparecido touched on various topics, but his biggest fear is he will never represent his nation again...
15 April 2016
Malaysia Cup qualification is no longer based upon clubs' standings at the end of the Malaysia Super League (MSL) season. Instead, the mid-season standings is the decisive factor and FourFourTwo takes a look at which teams may not be among the 11 MSL and five second-tier sides.
4 February 2016
Sarawak coach K. Rajagobal has challenged Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim to cement a starting place in the Crocs’ line-up this season, saying the midfielder must fill the void left by Joseph Kalang Tie.
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