Get fit with fish

You might not fancy a crack at Mark Schwarzer’s carb-cutting, meat-heavy diet, but if you like a little fishy on your dishy try this recipe courtesy of celebrity chef Ed Baines
Chelsea’s new goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer is still going strong at the age of 40. But how has the acrobatic Aussie defied the sands of time? With some good old meat and two veg, but if you're not too keen on a carb-cutting, meat-heavy diet, try this recipe for dover sole from celebrity chef Ed Baines.
• 12oz Dover sole
• 4oz butter
• 1tablespoon of vegetable oil
• 1 small bunch of parsley
• 2 lemons
• 4oz flour
• Salt and pepper

1 Pour flour onto a flat tray, season with salt and pepper and coat fish on both sides.

2 Fry fish gently in a pan with 1oz butter for one minute, skin side down.

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3 Turn fish over and fry for two more minutes, regularly moving it to prevent sticking.

4 For the sauce, fry 2oz butter, add chopped parsley and remove from heat. Add juice of one lemon.

5 Serve fish with sauce and garnish with half a lemon. Serve with some green beans.

Ed Baines is head chef at London’s Randall & Aubin. To book a table visit
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