The importance of boosting your brainpower

Sharpen your mental focus with advice from Brentford's peak performance coach Tom Bates
Talent is nothing without mental agility.

If your head isn't in the right place your body won't deliver. Confidence, focus, resilience, determination - they all play a factor in the magic your feet produce. 

Dedicate time to training your brain as well as your feet and you will make the difference at the weekend, insists Brentford's peak performance coach, Tom Bates.   
"When the technical, tactical and physical work is done, the difference in performance at any level lies in how well prepared the players are mentally," he explains. 
"In other words, mindset becomes the defining factor. It’s a myth that we can separate the psychological, the mental, emotional, social elements from the technical, tactical, physical. They’re very much linked."

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