Recovery toolkit

Get ready for the game with these recuperation enhancers
1 Hyperice Utility Universal Support

Ice those knocks and niggles straight after the game with this wrap-around support. The Air Cell tech helps cool down the affected area, kick-starting the body’s own healing powers.

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2 Silentnight Geltex bed

Snuggle up with your teddy and Match of the Day while Geltex technology distributes your body weight evenly, boosting circulation and reducing the discomfort of aching joints.

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3 Maxifuel Recovermax

Before you down a cold one, get your protein and carbohydrates fix with this sports recovery drink. A set of rejuvenated muscles will offer some light relief from your banging headache.

4 Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight

Instead of slipping on boxers, squeeze into these tights and let the power-grid pattern reduce muscle swelling by putting pressure exactly where it’s needed. Hopefully that won’t be on your knackers.

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