8 November 2016
It's almost awards season, but can you remember the planet's leading footballers from the turn of the decade?
29 October 2016
Can you recall the most successful gaffers since 1992/93?
11 October 2016
See if you can name the 20 players from our latest picture teaser
24 September 2016
We've been remembering them all week – but have you been paying attention? 
3 September 2016
Sam Allardyce recently picked 23 players for his first game in charge, but just over 15 years ago his predecessor went for a surprisingly large batch of 31…
6 August 2016
You have two minutes to name the 15 last contests - can you do it?
9 July 2016
Cup finalists, there's been a few, but then agai– oh, just name them please
7 July 2016
See how many of the top flight's dirty lot you can name with these clues
1 July 2016
Sounds easy, right? Well, this one might just test you good and proper
30 June 2016
Look at 'em: all these English players, coming over here and starting Premier League matches


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