The night Sir Alex spurned Sinatra

After a sensational career at Manchester United, boss Sir Alex Ferguson can have few regrets over the 22 trophies he has won and countless accolades he has received. Despite those honours, Fergie has revealed the one night he rues - having to cancel a dinner appointment with the swing legend Frank Sinatra. This would be understandable in an emergency or time of crisis, but sensationally it was following a 1-0 defeat to Charlton at Selhurst Park in 1989! Instead of sitting with Ol’ Blue Eyes, quaffing a glass of Merlot and chatting all things Rat Pack, Ol’ Red Nose decided to give the team a tongue lashing on the coach back to Manchester. Interviewed on MUTV, Ferguson explained his actions that night. “I wasn't in the mood to meet anybody that night, so I went back home on the bus.” This startling revelation more than confirms the United boss’s passion for the club, if it wasn’t already clear to see. However, football became an unhealthy obsession for Ferguson at one point and threatened to wreck his livelihood. “There was a period, maybe 10-12 years ago, when I was obsessed with everything.” said Ferguson. “I would come home at night and phone the scouts and other managers, but I was involved in everything at the club. If I'd have carried on, I would probably have done myself some damage” In recent years Ferguson has found more interests outside of football to curb his need to be the United manager 24/7. Music admirer Ferguson, who is now looking for a piano tutor, names Sinatra as one of his favourite musicians. He listed other favourites such as Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, The Drifters and Frankie Valli, but also has time for more modern artists like Annie Lennox and errrrm Mick Hucknall. Fergie said his hobbies outside of football kept him ‘fresh’. Sir Alex’s other interests include horse racing, and he has had part ownership in some successful horses. “My wife, Cathy, said I'd get obsessed with that too and, for a while, I was.” said Ferguson. “ But now I just use it as a type of leisure. Then I started reading up on wine and playing golf again, for the first time in a long, long time.” "So bit by bit, I realised I had to find other avenues in which to use my energy and not be obsessed with everything that was happening at Old Trafford." Don’t worry about it Fergie, just do it ‘Your Way’, guffaw…