We cannot go crazy against Liverpool, warns Herrera

Ander Herrera is confident Manchester United can still reach the Europa League quarter-finals at the expense of Liverpool.

Ander Herrera has warned his Manchester United team-mates they should not get overzealous in the second leg of their Europa League round of 16 tie with Liverpool at Old Trafford.

United face a tough task to turn things around after their 2-0 defeat at Anfield last week, but Herrera has warned they cannot simply adopt a gung-ho approach if they are to reach the quarter-finals.

"We cannot go crazy. We have a half of 45 minutes, then another half of 45 minutes," Herrera said at a media conference.

"Since I've been here, we've played five times against them and we've won four. I think we have a good example of how we have to play.    

"We should have played much better at Anfield but when you have a game like that you have to think about the next challenge. We learnt a lot from that game. Thursday night will be completely different.  

"We have good examples of the way we have to play. We feel stronger when we play at home. We always have the desire to win. They are in very good form, but we want to win. I don't agree that we did not fight in the first leg. We always fight and want to win.     

"I think we are ready. We have another chance on Thursday. We won't think about the past. Thursday will be completely different, Old Trafford is different. I think we are ready."

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Ander Herrera is an idiot. The Scum have a "good example of how they need to play?!" Of the four games they won vs Liverpool, they were thoroughly dominated in 3 of those 4 games, and scored soft goals. Under Klopp, Liverpool has stopped letting in soft goals, but is still suspect to set pieces. Ander Herrera's plan is to park the bus, let Liverpool dominate the game, and hope to nick a goal on a set piece. Brilliant. Expect nothing less from the same team that gives us cracking analysis from the likes of Paul Scholes...