Find the right food at the newsagent's

Five minutes to raid the corner shop before kick-off? Choose the right goodies courtesy of FourFourTwo and elite nutritionist Drew Price

Fruit. Nut. Renew
Fuelling-up pre-match is important, but don’t underestimate the power of the recovery snack. A fruit and nut bar (no, not the chocolate version) is packed with good fats, fibre and carbs – a potent recovery mix. Treat yourself to this on the journey home.

Carb-loaded cakes
Jaffa Cakes are full of carbohydrate, which turns into glucose to power performance. They’re low in fat and easy to digest; scoff them before kick-off and after 20 minutes their energy-boosting qualities should start kicking in.
Mighty meat treat
Grab a packet of beef jerky to aid your post-match recovery. It’s lean, high-quality protein, but it is not quickly digested, so tuck into this meaty offering while your team-mates wolf down crisps and nuts at the bar.
The half-time pick-me-up
Your weary legs will need a speedy pick-me-up at half-time so save these little nuggets of energy for the interval. They are pure, simple carbs, so they’ll help motor your engine until the final whistle.
Chocolate recovery
After 90 minutes of effort you need to get your muscles on the mend as soon as possible, and chocolate milkshake is ideal. The mix of sugar and protein will set about repairing your body so get it on board straight after the final whistle.
Energy drink
If you’re exercising hard for more than 40 minutes you need more than water to recharge. Packed with ever-reliable carbs, this bottle of energy will get you motoring. The electrolytes will help you stay hydrated and replace nutrients lost through sweating.

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