The Zlatan workout

Develop the physique that makes the big Swede unstoppable, with this gym routine from Rayan Wilson, director of Back2Action

Bully your marker
Works: Abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back
Set weight to 7/10 RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend knees. Grab bar with overhand grip. Using thighs, raise bar until legs straight, then lower it slowly.
RepsSets 4 (2mins recovery)

Run faster, jump higher
High bar box squat
Works: Quads, glutes
Place bar on shoulders (weight: 9/10 RPE), using overhand grip. Driving hips back, lower yourself slowly onto box. Stand up, driving through heels.
Reps 3 Sets 3 (2mins recovery)

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Boost acceleration
Split stance push press
Works: Shoulders, triceps
Pick up bar (weight: 7/10 RPE) and adopt split stance, knees slightly bent. Raise it over your head and bring it down again.
Reps 5 Sets 3 (90secs recovery)

Palm off defenders
Bench press throws
Works: Pecs, triceps
Set bar weight to 3/10 RPE. Lie on your back, feet flat on floor. Lower bar to chest until elbows are at 45 degrees. Drive bar explosively upwards until arms are straight, throw the bar up a few inches, catch it and lower it. This is an advanced move and must be performed on a Smith machine with a partner to spot you. Click here for a tutorial. 
Reps 3 Sets 3 (1min recovery)

Protect the ball
Overhand grip pull-up
Works: Biceps, deltoids, back
Grab pull-up bar using overhand grip, arms slightly more than shoulder-width apart, feet crossed. Bend elbows to raise yourself, then lower yourself slowly.
Max rep sets 2 (90secs recovery)

Build a solid trunk
Weighted floor wipers
Works: Upper and lower abs
Lie on your back, feet together, holding weighted bar (8/10 RPE) with arms outstretched. Move feet to one side of the bar, back to centre, then to other side.

Max rep sets 2 (90secs recovery)

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This workout was designed by Rayan Wilson, director of Back2Action. Follow @Back_2_Action

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