Sizing up Sundram: How does the Dazzler fare against his predecessors


V.Sundramoorthy has been in the hot seat for half a year and results haven’t been ideal. But how does he compare to his predecessors? Nigel Chin takes a look... 

It’s been four months since V. Sundramoorthy left his Tampines Rovers job to take on the role of Singapore national team head coach.

In those four months the Lions have played six matches and the results haven't been much to shout about.

How does Sundram’s record so far compare to his predecessor though? FourFourTwo takes a trip down memory lane to check it out.

Bernd Stange (May 2013 - April 2016)

Record: P11 W 5 D 0 L 6
Win percentage: 45%


Photo: Weixiang Lim/FFT

Stange had a superb start to his Singapore career, with the best winning percentage of all the coaches on this list.

However, of the three wins, two came against lowly Laos. There was also a heavy 6-1 defeat at the hands of China, plus 2-0 and 1-0 losses to Oman and Hong Kong respectively.

In trying to implement his philosophy of possession-based attacking football, Stange neglected the strengths and weaknesses of his players and, as a result, the Lions struggled with their identity in those six games.

It would prove a recurring problem, culminating in the Lions’ poor group stage exit at the 2014 Suzuki Cup despite being the hosts and defending champions.

The German eventually ended his reign with just a 42 per cent winning percentage, with a lot left to be desired.