20 January 2017
Some of the biggest names in world football are now either playing in China or being linked with the country's cashed-up Super League. But what impact could the competition's new rules have on the foreign invasion?
11 January 2017
Singaporeans are not fickle to demand household names, they just want the odd magical moment from a genuine star, like every other football fan, argues Neil Humphreys  
11 January 2017
Many have reacted with contempt and ridicule at FIFA's decision to expand the World Cup from 32 to 48 nations. But, as Scott McIntyre argues, it is a triumph for the sport from a global perspective and offers hope to Asia and particularly Southeast Asia...
11 January 2017
The subantarctic island is now eyeing 2026 glory, Back of the Net can reveal
5 December 2016
Former Football Association of Singapore president Zainudin Nordin has no doubts over the ASEAN Super League’s (ASL) potential and continues leading calls to get it running in September, but it remains a concept filled with uncertainties.
7 November 2016
The Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) newest tournament, the Solidarity Cup, has been rocked by match-fixing claims, with four players from Laos provisionally suspended by the AFC for 60 days.
27 October 2016
FIFA president Gianni Infantino has sent a letter of commendation to Albirex Niigata (S) for winning the S.League. 
23 October 2016
Singapore recently fell to a record low 171st in the world ranking and some countries you may not have heard of and have a smaller population now sit proudly above them. FourFourTwo presents to you some of these nations...
28 September 2016
Former Dutch international Pieter Huistra joined the Indonesian FA as technical director back in 2014. Just months later, FIFA banned the country from competing in football. Here Huistra recounts that turbulent time in his own words...
28 September 2016
It was supposed to be the day the Asian Football Confederation got its house in order and established a fresh presence on the FIFA Council. It ended with millions spent for zero return and more questions than answers, as Scott McIntyre explains...


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