25 August 2015
As integral to the game as the net and goalposts, or a wheezing relic that needs putting out its misery? Sam Rowe finds out…
19 August 2015
What a waste of money, says Matt Allen...
3 August 2015
It fills our summers with glee, excitement and hair-pulling frustration - but who really pulls the strings?
9 July 2015
Declan Warrington thinks Lukas Podolski could have fulfilled his potential at Arsenal had Robin van Persie stayed – and the German's isn't the only 'what if?' story in football...
3 February 2015
After the transfer window shut on Monday, who made the most of the opportunity to adjust their squad going into the final few months of Europe's domestic campaigns?
3 February 2015
It was a quiet transfer deadline day but plenty was said about January's late business.
3 February 2015
The first transfer window of 2015 has officially come to a close. Here are just some of the high-profile deals done. 
12 January 2015
As clubs weigh up whether to snap up players this month or wait until the summer window, Louis Massarella assesses how signing or selling six months early could affect your club...
10 January 2015
Wondering who your club should sign during this transfer window? Thanks to the insight of the fans themselves, FFT proudly presents the definitive list of the players your club should sign this month...
3 September 2014
With the transfer window closed, Sky Sports have folded up Jim White and put him back in the cupboard, Back of the Net reports...


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