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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Web App tips: How to get a head start on FUT 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
(Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 22 is almost upon us - but for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players, the game is technically already here.

Ultimate Team follows a different timeline from the main FIFA franchise.

While FIFA 22 is set to be released October 1, Ultimate Team players already have multiple avenues to experience the game - and the way you approach those avenues could give you a strong start in your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team journey.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide showing you how to take advantage of those avenues and get a head start on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

How To Make The Most Of The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Web App

The FUT Web app is an online app that pretty much allows you to set-up tactics, change your kits, use the transfer market, change your club badge and much more. 

It essentially allows you to manage your Ultimate Team without having to load up your console.

Before a new iteration of FIFA rolls out, EA Sports typically releases the Web App to officially kick-off the new FUT season - and this year is no different.

The FUT Web App has recently been launched meaning you can now kick-start your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team journey without even owning a copy of the game.

With that said, here are a few tips to help you get started with the Web App.

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1. Take your nation pick seriously

One of the first things you’ll be prompted to do when you get on the Web App is to pick a nation.

Depending on what nation you pick, you’ll be given a slew of new cards from that nation (most of which will be low-rated players) to fill up your team.

On the surface the nation you select may seem unimportant - after all, there’s seemingly not much point in carefully choosing a nation when you’re just going to get low-rated players anyway.

However, the nation you select at the very beginning could be very crucial to the start of your FUT journey. 

Here’s why:

You see, one of the best ways to make coins early on is to complete SBCs. 

The starter and advanced Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) both offer you a great way to get decent-rated players without spending real money on FIFA points  - but there’s a catch.

Some of these SBCs have specific requirements that revolve around submitting a squad filled with players who all come from the same nation but play in different leagues - and these types of SBCs tend to have high chemistry requirements.

Due to their high chemistry requirements, completing these types of SBCs can be difficult if you don’t already have a bunch of players who fit that criteria - and that’s where your nation-pick comes in;

If you select a nation that has a lot of licensed tiers - like say England for example, you’ll be given a slew of English players who play across multiple leagues.

That means, you’ll essentially have a bunch of players you can choose from who come from the same nation and play in different leagues - giving you a higher chance of meeting chemistry requirements when you complete SBCs.

That’s because the players you’re given as part of the nation-pick all have something called “club loyalty”.

Club loyalty is a feature that gives a player an extra chemistry point.

So imagine having an entire XI of players with club loyalty - that’s essentially a +11 chemistry boost - and for most SBCs at the start of a new FIFA, even a +5 boost will prove extremely crucial.

That’s why a great way to kick-start your FUT journey is by picking a nation with lots of licensed tiers.

If you’ve already gone past the nation-pick, don’t fret, there’s another thing you can do on the Web App to give yourself a head start in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team before the full game gets released on October 1.

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2. Sell the players you get from packs

While it may be tempting to hoard the players you pull from SBC packs...

Unless you happen to pack a super high-rated card like Cristiano Ronaldo for instance, you’re better off selling the players you receive from SBC packs rather than holding onto them.

Here’s why:

Due to the fact that the full game isn’t out yet, a ton of low-rated META cards are extremely undervalued - and in a similar vein there are a bunch of trading opportunities that can be exploited to make coins early on.

However, in order for you to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to have coins lying around - and you won’t have many coins available to trade with unless you sell the players you pull from SBC packs.

So on that note, you’re better off selling your pack pulls and staying liquid rather than holding onto the players you garner from packs as doing so will give you a better shot at making more coins.

The Web App isn’t the only way to give yourself a headstart on FIFA 22, though.

There’s another avenue that is just as effective for starting your FUT journey off strong - and involves playing the early access version of FIFA 22.

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