Cyrille Regis
15 January 2018
The legend of West Brom and English football has died aged just 59. He was a trailblazer for black players in the '70s – but also just a ruddy great bloke...  
8 February 2017
The ex-Premier League whistle-wielder answers silly questions for FourFourTwo
Graham Taylor
12 January 2017
"Margaret Thatcher sent me a note basically saying: "F**k off"
1 November 2016
The outspoken Cardiff City gaffer fills FourFourTwo in on his pet robin and how a dastardly otter gave him the hump… 
10 October 2016
The current England manager answers FourFourTwo's daft questions in January 2015 on patting cats, Salt 'N' Shake and his best woodwork creations
9 April 2014
The former Manchester United, Middlesborough and England defender answers silly questions from FFT's Nick Moore...
8 April 2014
FourFourTwo's poser of peculiar puzzlers, Nick Moore, asks former Arsenal, Wimbledon, West Ham and England fullback Nigel Winterburn about hanging with celebrity chefs, canine oral hygiene and bank security...
1 September 2012
"Cole and Gazza ain't gonna come near me, man! I'm the world number one footballer-slash-rapper"
1 November 2011
"Cheese is for children. It's a poison"
1 August 2011
"Jamie Oliver talks a lot. You could stick an orange in his mouth to muffle him, then get him on the grill and season him with oil, salt and pepper"


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