Back of the Net

15 September 2017
Eagles’ trenchcoat-wearing gumshoe is taking a close look at his new players’ alibis, Back of the Net can reveal.
Steve Parish
11 September 2017
Everything is running smoothly at Selhurst now, Back of the Net report
31 August 2017
Tottenham’s Wembley woes have intensified as they appear to have lost the key to the stadium, Back of the Net reports.
Liverpool Western Union
10 August 2017
The multinational financial corporation are looking forward to just about being linked to the Reds, Back of the Net reports
Neymar Jesus
9 August 2017
PSG’s new star has been left rueing his ‘100% Jesus’ attire, Back of the Net can reveal
Kyle Walker
21 July 2017
Sunday League player puts seven-figure price tag on his own head, Back of the Net reveal
Joe Hart
18 July 2017
The England goalkeeper impressed West Ham staff with his futile acts of frustration, Back of the Net reports
Manchester United
17 July 2017
​A new fitness fad is sweeping through football, Back of the Net investigates
Romelu Lukaku
14 July 2017
New United star ‘incredibly excited’ to get his old nemesis Jose Mourinho the sack, Back of the Net report 


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