Paul Scholes
15 March 2019
There were some differences in Scholes’s vision and the chairman’s, Back of the Net reports
Jack Grealish punch
11 March 2019
Supporters demand to know why more likeable player not attacked, Back of the Net reveal
8 March 2019
The Norwegian identifies key difference between unsuccessful 2014 spell and now, Back of the Net reveal
Jurgen Klopp Everton
4 March 2019
Liverpool manager feels the planet’s gravitational pull made the game a lottery, says Back of the Net
Kepa Arrizabalaga Vitesse
26 February 2019
The rebellious goalkeeper didn’t wait around for his inevitable loan move, Back of the Net reports
22 February 2019
Victory on Sunday will give Sarri just under three minutes of breathing space, Back of the Net reports
18 February 2019
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes Chilean will get there in the end, Back of the Net reports 
Pep Guardiola
15 February 2019
Being massively better than opposition is not necessarily a bad thing, Back of the Net reveals
Phil Jones
11 February 2019
Nobody at Old Trafford got round to cancelling Phil Jones, Back of the Net reports


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