1 January 2008
"I wouldn’t have minded playing with Roy Keane. But he’d probably spend 90 minutes screaming at me."
1 March 2007
"I remember my first start away at Brighton. I hit the post and had one cleared off the line – not bad!"
1 March 2006
"When I played football back home in Huddersfield, my mates used to call me 'Killer'"
1 December 2003
"I play golf and I used to play cricket - I'm not any good though"
1 September 2003
"I'm Superman, man. I don't give away my weaknesses"
1 December 2002
"I hold the ball up like Heskey, but I’d like to score a few more goals than him..."
1 August 2002
"I started on the wing, but I decided to go upfront because that's where all the players who were making the headlines played"
1 June 2001
"I've not put enough tackles in this season, and I could read the game a bit better”


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