22 June 2016
What happened when two Scandinavian sides could squeeze out Italy by playing out a 2-2 draw? Why, a 2-2 draw, of course... but was it fixed? Gary Parkinson recalls Euro 2004's Group C
20 June 2016
On home turf, West Germany were expected to win Euro '88. But the tournament took a dramatic swing when they were drawn against their fiercest rivals in the semi-finals, as Gary Parkinson explains
19 June 2016
It was the first-ever penalty shootout - and the Germans lost. It was also a belting final, too...
18 June 2016
Having taken a while to get going, with just five goals in the first four games, Euro 84 exploded into one of the tournament’s finest summers.
18 June 2016
Luck of the Irish? Don't count on it. They certainly didn't get any at Euro 88, writes Gary Parkinson...
16 June 2016
With Gerd Muller retired and 10 minutes to go, West Germany needed a goalscoring hero. What about the untried Muller on the bench?
16 June 2016
Croatia announced their arrival with a glorious goal against the Great Dane
15 June 2016
England had a squad half-full of European club champions, but didn't have the wherewithal to overcome the struggling Euro 80 hosts...
14 June 2016
At Euro 72, the hosts got (Gerd) Mullered. Gary Parkinson recalls an exemplary striker...
12 June 2016
Gary Parkinson recalls a belting Balkan battle in Belgium


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