Football's 11 most shocking tackles of all time

Pedro Mendes, Ben Thatcher

4. Graeme Souness on Gheorghe Rotariu

Rangers vs Steaua Bucharest, 1988

Calling Graeme Souness hot-headed is a bit like saying Donald Trump is divisive.

About two minutes into this video of Rangers'™ fine victory over Romania Steaua Bucharest, the Scot ploughed into his opponent'™s thigh with his studs raised, and a very deliberate downward thrust.

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While the offender may not be surprising, the offence is. The unusual thing about this particular incident is that the Sky Sports charisma-vacuum wasn'™t making a tackle. He had the ball at the time. That'™s right: Souness was dribbling, saw someone attempting to nick the ball from his toes, so nicked a chunk out of their leg before they got their tackle in.

He protested long and hard that he was in fact the innocent party, rubbing his leg and showing the proof (or lack of it) to the referee. Unfortunately for Souness the ref had eyes, and promptly sent him off. Rangers went out on aggregate.

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