Football's 11 most shocking tackles of all time

Pedro Mendes, Ben Thatcher

2. Pepe on Javi Casquero

Real Madrid vs Getafe, 2009

There'™s seconds remaining in a clash with your local rivals, and you haul down one of the opposition inside the area. The scoreboard reads 2-2, and you could now be to blame for your side failing to pick up a point.

You'™re angry, and look around for something to kick – but all you can see is the opponent you felled, lying prone on the grass like a big blue piñata. So, you boot him several times and stand all over him before giving his mate a little smack in the face. That's natural, right?

Real Madrid'™s Pepe thought so, shown a red card and escorted from the pitch by team-mate Iker Casillas after his savage release of frustration all over Getafe'™s unlucky Casquero and his buddy Juan Albin.

Unfortunately for Pepe, the Spanish FA didn'™t agree and handed him an eight-game ban ruling him out for the rest of the season. And if you thought things couldn'™t get any worse for Pepe'™s plaything Casquero, his spot-kick was saved by Casillas before Gonzalo Higuain scored a brilliant winner.

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