23 signs you're a real Tottenham fan

Teemu Tainio
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7) You sit alone in the dark watching this video with tears in your eyes at least twice a week (he only had one broom, etc). 

8) Harry Kane is one of your own. Obviously.

9) You assume Nicola Berti is still aged about 30.

10) You know that all the buses ending in a 9 will take you from Seven Sisters to the ground. And that you have to walk about three quarters of the way back to the station if you’re going to have any chance of getting on one after a match.

11) You've not eaten lasagna since the summer of 2006, and break down whenever someone offers you a plateful.

12) You've thrown your JVC video cassette recorder off a motorway bridge, your Sega Dreamcast into the path of an oncoming train, and your O2 simcard into the nearest river. You kid yourself that not flying Emirates is an ethical decision, rather than a financial one.