26 red hot Fantasy Football tips from previous winners and experts

Player picks and strategic advice from previous champions and the best tipsters...

Want to boss the work Fantasy Football league this season? Read on. Heed advice from people who have taken home the trophy on playing through the season, which players to go for and how to use the Fantasy Premier League features (known as 'chips'; added last year) best. Absorb ALL of this before the first gameweek deadline!

General tips

Pick loads of left-backs, says Greg Wright, who previously won the Daily Telegraph’s £40k prize. Oh, and don’t make changes after being at the pub...  

1. Have a solid pre-season

“You need to do your research, starting in the summer,” says Greg. “A few weeks before the season starts I’ll look at injury news, transfers and so on, trying to find those unknown players that other people miss. Then in the last week of pre-season, when it’s still unlimited transfers, I’ll just start throwing players in, tossing teams around – you’re looking for that good combination to start with. Once you’re happy with your team, unless someone’s injured, then it kind of manages itself.”

2. Don’t be afraid to gamble...

“It’s no good having the same team as everyone else. In defence, a lot of people go for five players from different teams, playing it safe. I’ll go for three from one, two from another. I’m only relying on two teams to keep a clean sheet then. You have to gamble a bit, especially at the end of the season. In 2013/14, Eden Hazard was one the best players but when he went cold I took him out, knowing that most people around me had him in their teams. That worked. I did keep Martin Skrtel, though. That, er, didn’t.”

John Terry and Ryan Bertrand

John Terry and left-backs (Ryan Bertrand): very handy

3. But be mean in the market

Don’t ignore players just because you don’t like them. John Terry gets points. Lots.

“Think like a real manager. A player might have a goal spurt, but is he actually any good? Would you normally want to buy him? Don’t waste transfers: if I’ve got 30 overall, I’d want to still have 20 left by New Year. You want the maximum games out of potential signings, so look at their upcoming fixtures, possible suspensions – no matter how desperately I want someone, I won’t buy them if they’re on four bookings. And, most importantly, don’t make drunken decisions at 1am. I’ve done that before.”