6 reasons to ditch the TV and up your matchday experience with a projector

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Easy-to-use, compact and affordable: 4K projectors have come of age

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1. Go big or go home

Really want to see what’s happening on the pitch? You can't beat the sheer scale of a projected image that fills an entire wall. You could try a regular flat-panel TV, but these tend to top out at 70 inches (and even then only if you're willing to spend around £8,000 to get one), and soon appear tiny next to the 100 inches and bigger images that are a walk in the park for a projector.

2. No fuss

Plug-and-play is the name of the game with the latest video projectors. No time-consuming fiddling required, just place one on a coffee table and plug in an HDMI cable. Some models include auto keystone correction – nothing to do with silent cop discipline, but simply a way to ensure your picture is square and true, no matter where you place the projector.

3. The best picture...

Today's projectors are perfect for sport. Special presets in models like the BenQ TK800 feature a custom Football Mode, which optimises skin tones and turf, so you find colours as realistic as being there. Sound is also optimised, making commentators clearer.

4. ... even in the daytime

With today's projectors, there’s no need draw the curtains to get the best picture. In fact, some of the latest projectors are built for use in daylight conditions, thanks to high-output bulbs that project a super-bright 3000 ANSI lumens. 

5. 4K and HDR

The latest high-resolution 4K format technology has now trickled down to video projectors, so if it’s 8.3 megapixels you want to see every 1/60 of a second, your wish has come true. BT Sport already broadcasts some matches in 4K, with Sky set to follow. The BBC has even begun experimenting with 4K HDR streaming online. To appreciate all of the extra detail hidden in that picture, you need to go large. See point one. 

6. Affordable

Projectors are no longer the preserve of Premier League players. You can now find even 4K UHD video projectors like the BenQ Tk800 on sale for less than £1,200. Make sure you get the UHD part too, as early units missed out on the High Dynamic Range feature that helps make the image quality of the new format blisteringly real.

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