9 times Sky Bet Tracker would have come in handy to cash out

Constantly stuck deciding whether or not to take the money in-play? Take some inspiration from this lot...

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Sky Bet Tracker wasn't around in the days of these crackers, but now fate rests in your hands. Why not give it a go?

1) Milan 3-3 Liverpool, 2004/05

At 3-0 down against Milan in the 2005 Champions League Final, things didn’t look great for Liverpool. We all know what happened next (well done, Jerzy), but in the days before Bet Tracker you’d have been offered £15.61 to cash out at half-time had you stuck a tenner on 4/6 Milan pre-match. But that just wasn’t necessary, was it? Oh. It was.

2) England 4-2 West Germany, 1966

With England 2-1 up and just minutes to spare, England’s victory looked assured until Wolfgang Weber grabbed a late equaliser at Wembley. In the days before Bet Tracker, your win in 90 minutes was lost. Drat! But a £10 bet on England (in 90mins) would have cashed out for £18.72, giving you double cause for celebration when Sir Geoff finished things off in extra-time. At least there was a happy ending.

3) Carlisle 2-1 Plymouth, 1999/98

It's Carlisle 1-1 Plymouth, and the Cumbrians need a win to maintain their league status. You've backed a draw pre-match at 9/4, when up comes Carlisle keeper Jimmy Glass. The Sky Bet Tracker’s cash-out option would have offered £30.26 off your £10 bet. Do you take it? Of course you do! Then watch the madness unfold...

4) Italy 1-2 France, Euro 2000

David Trezeguet scored the famous Golden Goal to earn France the Euro 2000 title in Rotterdam, but Italy had been leading until the second minute of stoppage-time when Sylvain Wiltord notched a late equaliser. If you'd had £10 on the Azzurri pre-match at 9/4, the Sky Bet Tracker would have handed you £28.98 to cash out.

5) Kidderminster 3-2 Newport, 2011/12

With just four minutes remaining and 2-0 up, Newport could have been forgiven for thinking they were home and dry at Kidderminster. You’d stuck a tenner on them pre-match at 5/2 and have a £29.35 cash-out option. Did you take it? Of course not. The right decision? Er, no. Newport hadn’t accounted for Nick Wright spoiling the party with a devastating seven-minute hat-trick to leave you (and them) empty handed.

6) West Germany 3-2 Hungary, 1954

Having lost 8-3 in the group stages to Hungary, few thought West Germany had any chance in the final. If you'd stuck a tenner on Hungary to win the Sky Bet Tracker would have come in handy – although you'd have needed to cash out for £13.92 after just nine minutes. Ferenc Puskas and Zoltan Czibor had given the favourites a 2-0 lead within eight minutes, but a superb fightback from the Germans climaxed with two-goal Helmut Rahn’s 84th-minute winner. They’ve always found a way...

7) Deportivo 4-0 Milan, 2003/04

You've stuck £10 on Milan to qualify before the first leg at 1/3 – and, handily for you, they win it comfortably 4-1. Against a defence featuring Paolo Maldini, surely there was no way back for Deportivo? Had you cashed out for £12.51 between the two ties you'd have had a small win... but a win nonetheless. Deportivo won the second leg 4-0 thanks to two goals in each half.

8) Juventus 2-3 Man United, 1998/99

You've backed Juventus at evens, and they're 2-0 up (3-1 on aggregate) after 11 minutes. You can cash out with Sky Bet Tracker for £15.77. But would you have predicted Manchester United to score three in Turin that night? Perhaps not, but surely you wouldn’t be bitten twice...

9) Bayern Munich 1-2 Man United, 1998/99

Or would you? No, this time you've stuck a tenner on Bayern Munich at 2/1. That looks very safe. With just moments left, then, surely a perfect time to cash out with what would have been a guaranteed £27.41 return? Cue Sheringham and Solskjaer!

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