27 March 2020
The impact that coronavirus has on football won't stop with scheduling headaches – it threatens the whole financial model of the game
26 March 2020
Blackpool were top of the league, but the season was called off – and national football wouldn't return until 1946. FFT looks at when football was stopped and reformed for the Second World War
26 March 2020
In football's hiatus, we have the time to fix problems the game has. Ironically, time-wasting is one of them
25 March 2020
Pre-kick off ceremonies may not be 'traditional' for football or appeal to every match-going fan – but those aren't reasons not to have them
24 March 2020
​Next summer’s men’s competition now finishes after the women’s one begins. This unnecessary clash suggests the latter remains an afterthought for UEFA, writes Claire Bloomfield
24 March 2020
You've probably only heard bits about them, but the lawless post-match areas where hacks can collar stars are integral to the way the game's narratives unfold
23 March 2020
An unexpected break in the schedule could do Liverpool some good, as Jurgen Klopp looks to reset his side's focus
22 March 2020
Self-isolation and Premier League postponement is leading football fans to re-watch classic games together online. Old games provide nostalgia, but also highlight the great strides in tactical and atheltic evolution through the decades
Champions League
19 March 2020
The FA agreed today to indefinitely suspend the end date of the 2019/20 season – but finishing late could have massive consequences for the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup next year
19 March 2020
Wonderkids, tactics, team to choose: FM20 is free for one week early - and we’re here to make sure you avoid the sack... 
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