BFB Champions: How to develop your players to take on the world

So you've downloaded the game now (well, you should have). But how do you build up your troops so they're ready to win? Take our advice...

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By now we hope you’ll have stumbled across BFB Champions, the spanking-new mobile management game like no other you’ve seen before. But if you haven’t (where have you been?), you can find out what it’s all about right here.

This story will help you build your team, and tell you how to improve your players to the best of their abilities. In essence, you’ll be tasked with assembling a squad to beat other real-life players, in various multiplayer tournaments – so you’ll be wanting to get an early edge on the competition.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Send your players to training camps

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t become a chiselled footballing adonis by accident, you know. In BFB Champions you’ll be able to pack three of your stars off at a time to specialised training camps, which will level them up considerably with experience points. You can also use special Training Camp Tickets to earn even more.

They’ll return refreshed and keen to try out their newfound skills. It's a good way of getting new players up to speed with the rest of your squad, or using your own downtime (like when you’re catching some zeds) to keep your players earning experience.

You'll unlock this as you play through the game

2. Play through daily mini-games

There’s a strong arcade element to BFB Champions, and this one’s a bit of fun. You can play though three daily mini-games to train your troops, including Cross & Finish, Free-Kick Challenge and One-on-One Chase. High scores will unlock special coaches who can drag your squad to another level.

3. Scout players… then sign them

You pick up new players for your squad by using Scout Tickets. There are different types of these, and different types of Scout too. The main two types are 'Premium Scout' and 'Gold Scout' but you’ll also find some limited-time-only ones too at various intervals.

Currently there’s a ‘6-Player Premium Scout’ where you get six players for the same price as 5; a Captain Tsubasa Scout (with characters from the popular Japanese comic); and a 'Starters Pack Scout' (aimed at beginners, granting three rare players).

Each type of Scout has a cost in Scout Tickets (or BFB Coins, the in-game currency), and each one is like a lucky dip so you don't know which player you’re going to get.

You can swap stars with other players, though don’t be annoyed if you pick up someone you’ve already got: you can sell him, trade him with other users of the game, or combine with the existing player who will receive experience points to level up.

4. Experience pays

Just playing through the game’s career mode will help you gain experience and prepare yourself to take on the world. By steering your team around the globe, unlocking new areas and leagues along the way and playing through them, you’ll develop your squad and refine tactics.

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