BFB Champions: How to sign the world’s best players

Stuff your squad with the new mobile management game’s finest stars, and wipe the floor with your competition

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Signing players is always the most fun part of any mobile management game – and luckily for you, BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off offers a completely different way to do it than every other game.

Rather than bidding or buying, you snap up stars for your squad with Scouting Tickets that are earned in various ways: as you play through the game, for example, you’ll complete various tasks and challenges that you’ll be rewarded for, and winning competitions will also earn you prizes.

There are currently three types of Scouting Ticket: Premium (used to sign the best players, or, currently, six at once); Gold (the next tier of players down); and Captain Tsubasa (promising youngsters from the popular Japanese television show loved by Xavi and more).

Essentially, you enter a variety of tombolas to win players (who are all, brilliantly, Pro Evo-style name-a-likes).

At the moment, for a brief period, there’s even the chance to scout again once if you don’t like who you picked out. In this example, we don’t want ‘M. Peraire’, who we got in a Gold Scout tombola...

So we go again and… jackpot! ‘Moma Sisuko’ (stop laughing at the back) is a significantly better player.

We particularly like the six-players-in-one tombola that you can use your Premium Scout Tickets on. All of the players are of good quality, and you can then make them even better in various ways (see our how-to guide in the boxout below).

So there you have it. We think it’s the most fun part of BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off. Find out more about the ace new game here!

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