BFB Champions: Introducing the new mobile management game like no other

The need-to-know info about BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off – coming to a mobile device in your pocket soon

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If you think you’ve probably played a variation of every football management sim going, there’s good news – because now there’s a new one in town... and you won’t have played anything like it before.

Prepare to whittle away those bored hours on public transport (OK, and during England games) with BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off, the latest arcade football app sensation that’s taking Japan by storm.

The game’s predecessor was downloaded over three million times, and now it’s being improved and launched Europe-wide with a simple challenge in mind: can you take on the world?

Like normal management games you will be tasked with assembling a crack squad of players to compete (and occasionally cooperate, if you’re feeling kind) with millions of players in the world, but in BFB Champions you’ll start locally and then try to best continents and beyond.

Best of all, there’s some real players in there too – hello Diego Maradona ‘86! – and some brilliant Pro Evo-esque name-a-likes to complement them. Whichever the player, though, you’ll be tasked with improving them by any means possible: sending them off to training camps, or playing through daily mini-games to earn power-ups.

Scout players to improve the options and your disposal, and trade them with other players. If you pick up multiple versions of the same star, don’t worry – they stack up to become even stronger (so it’s not like when you got eight Phil Stamp Panini stickers and hated him thereafter).

You’ll level up as you progress through career mode, earning coaching badges along the way, unlocking special coaches who’ll give your players the edge over everyone else, and, if you get really good, you'll be challenged by legendary teams.

There’s plenty to get stuck into, then – so what are you waiting for? Test your managerial mettle in a game unlike those you’ve tried before.

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