The big interview: Luis Garcia – "At Liverpool, I worked with a sports psychologist... to block out Jamie Carragher’s voice!"

Luis Garcia
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You went back to Atletico in 2007 – did you leave Liverpool too soon?
Charlie Parish, Kent

I loved it there but had I stayed I might not have the great relationship with the fans that I enjoy now. I have no regrets.  

You played with a young Fernando Torres during your first spell with Atletico, and a young Sergio Aguero during your second. Who was better, and did you have any idea how good the pair would go on to become?
Harry Prescott, Twickenham

They are both so different, but yes you could see both were going to be top players. Fernando had this incredible pace, while Sergio is so strong and so determined. So South American! Just don’t make me choose between them.

You once told FourFourTwo that you didn’t know what a bowl of Scouse was – is that still the case today?
Kevin O’Rourke, Anfield

I’ve still never had it. Is it nice? I did get to like black pudding while living there.

Do you have a favourite Liverpool pub from your time on Merseyside?
Paul Minney, Knowsley Village

We never got to go to local pubs while playing but I have since discovered the King Charles, which is a nice, small pub in Anfield. The Church by the ground is also great. Both of them sell Guinness.

Which television show did you enjoy the most when you lived in England?
Andy Kirby, via Twitter

Oh, I used to love that show... the guy with the beard who presented it. What was his name? [FFT: Noel Edmonds on Deal or No Deal?] Yes that’s him! He was very good. Yeah, that was my favourite.

Who would make the better gaffer: Carragher or Gerrard?
Daniel Drake, via Facebook

They are actually very different. [Takes his time] Carra would make a great manager in Italy, while Stevie would be better in the Premier League. Carra would give me a lot of instruction out on the pitch. I used to mutter “f**k off” under my breath when he yelled at me! [Laughs] Actually, I had to work with a sports psychologist to help me focus while I was at Liverpool, and one of the things we worked on was trying to block out Carragher’s voice! I’d still listen to him, but soon I didn’t get as distracted by it.

I had to work with a sports psychologist to help me focus while I was at Liverpool, and one of the things we worked on was trying to block out Carragher’s voice

The Spanish team began to dominate shortly after your international career came to an end. Did you realise that they were on the verge of something truly special, and how loved are that generation of players at home now?
Stephen Dowsett, London

Football has got a short memory, but this group of players will be talked about for many years to come. This was the best group that Spain has ever seen, and as they mainly came from the two big teams – Madrid and Barcelona – the whole country was together. It was special. I had played in the qualifying games for the 2008 European Championship and you could sense the team were about to do something really big. In Spain they are hugely loved and rightly so.