The big interview: Luis Garcia – "At Liverpool, I worked with a sports psychologist... to block out Jamie Carragher’s voice!"

Luis Garcia
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What is your signature tune on the guitar, and who is the best guitarist that’s ever lived?
Tony Dunkley, Sidcup

If I had my guitar with me right now I would play you Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Who is the best guitar player ever? That is really hard, but I do love Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

You scored on your Puebla debut with a Panenka penalty. Was that your first ever attempt at one? Isn’t that a risky tactic on your debut?
Levi Nathenson, Ibiza

No, as I'd done the same to score my first ever goal in Spain, too. I loved a Panenka. I think I would have attempted one in Istanbul in 2005 if I'd been allowed to take a penalty!

Did you drive around Kolkata at all after joining Atletico in 2014, and how much did you like the football?
Teddy Davies, Hong Kong

Drive a car in Kolkata? Are you mad? No, I didn’t. It was a great experience to go and play in India. We would get 80,000 crowds there and they would celebrate everything – even the other team going close to scoring. Fireworks were going off even when our opponents got corners – crazy.

You played in both India and Australia at the tail end of your football career. Do you think the chances of the game growing in developing leagues could be affected by the huge sums of money that Chinese Super League clubs are spending?
Grace O’Donnell, via Facebook

It is hard to say. They’re paying players a hell of a lot of money to sign, but had I been offered that sort of cash to go over there and play, then of course I might have accepted it. I don’t know what all the motives are behind the Chinese teams that are paying so much. Is it to get the global attention? Maybe. I’m not sure it’s going to make Chinese football better, as you have to develop youth to do that. Time will tell, but for now I do worry about developing leagues, as it’s very hard to compete with those wages.

I hear you love golf, Luis, so would you choose to score one more goal at the Kop end, or get a hole-in-one?
George Elder, Bromley

Oh one more goal, no doubt. I like golf, and a hole-in-one would be nice, but put me in front of those fans and let me score. Just don’t mention ghosts!

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