Quiz! Can you name the 40 all-time Premier League assist providers?

How many can you get in eight minutes? 

It's always the goalscorers who get the glory – but what about the players who make that net-busting possible? 

Since 1992/93 only three players have broken the 100-assist mark, but in this quiz we've featured every player with 40 to their name for you to recall (fittingly, there are 40 of them... how lovely). 

You've got eight minutes on the clock to do so, and then we want you to tell us how you got on over at @FourFourTwo – as per, we'll retweet your scores so long as you don't give away answers to anyone (because that'd be silly, wouldn't it). Then challenge your pals to see how their brains size up against yours. 

(Please note: Adblockers will stop you from seeing this quiz, so please turn them off on our site for your pleasure. Enjoy!)

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