Football Index: how to make money on the football stock market

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You’ve probably seen it across social media – but what is it? And more importantly: how can you make some cold, hard cash in the process? We’ve got you covered…

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In layman’s terms, Football Index is the football stock market – the place where you can buy shares in the game’s greatest stars, build a portfolio and use your football knowledge to make real money.

Think of it as fantasy football meeting traditional betting – only unlike watching your stake evaporating helplessly over 90 minutes, you can watch yours grow over time or cash out whenever you like. Player prices are based on supply and demand, just like a real stock market.

FFT’s Hunter Godson met Football Index’s Tom Randerson and Joe Briggs for a beginner’s guide – the video for which you can see below

With Football Index you’re ideally looking for players who achieve a combination of on-pitch excellence and media interest, since you can earn money for both. Shares in players will naturally appreciate or depreciate over time, but you can earn money through daily payouts (or ‘dividends’ as they’re known here).

Similar to fantasy football, Football Index pay out on the top-performing defender, midfielder, forward and star player across Europe’s top five leagues, Champions League and Europa League on any given day – known as Match Day Dividends.

But then there are In-Play Dividends too: you’ll earn if your players score goals, get assists, or your goalkeeper(s) keeps a clean sheet – eligible for the first 30 days that a share is owned.

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And that’s not all. With transfer season in full swing you’ll be able to make the most of players in the headlines with Media Dividends; that is, the three most talked-about players among Football Index’s Top 200 (highest-priced footballers) earning cash for you every day.

Knowledge does pay. Some of the best traders on Football Index have recognised potential early and reaped the rewards, seeing huge returns on the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Jadon Sancho. So keep a cool head, do you research and rely on what you know – knee-jerk reactions won’t do for you here.

If you’ve heard enough and want to get involved like FFT (who are very smug about their Virgil van Dijk investment months ago), Football Index are offering a seven-day money back guarantee to new users of up to £500. If you don’t enjoy it or aren’t seeing your money grow, they’ll refund you. Easy.

Make no mistake, Football Index is here to stay. They have signed a multi-million pound deal to advertise on Sky Sports again in the 2019/20 season, will be the official front-of-shirt sponsor of Nottingham Forest and are adding thousands of new users every month, thus adding liquidity to the market, and enhancing existing portfolios.

Sign up to Football Index, download the app and use the code ‘442’ to start trading now!