How to do the 12 new FIFA 18 celebrations – plus more of our favourites

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How to do it: Hold LT and press Y/Hold L1 and press triangle

FIFA is nothing without its absurd celebrations, and Hypnosis is no different. Gather your team-mates and put them under your spell, before knocking them all to the floor with your telekinetic powers. Brilliant.


How to do it: Hold LT and double tap X/Hold L1 and double tap square

Scoring in FIFA 18 often gets the blood pumping, so what better way to use up that excess adrenaline than with a half-dozen press-ups?


How to do it: Hold LT and flick right stick up then down/Hold L1 and flick R3 up then down

You’ve already got the defence dancing to your tune, so why not go one better and bust out an imaginary flute and turn into the Pied Piper of the pitch?

Knee slide fail

How to do it: Hold LT and flick right stick right twice/Hold L1 and flick R3 right twice

Often the bane of many managers and physios, the failed knee slide makes a welcome return to the FIFA series. Recoil in horror as your star striker’s knee gets planted in the turf, and then sigh with relief as he gets up and starts spinning his arms like a helicopter.

Kiss the ring

How to do it: Hold RT and double tap B/Hold R2 and double tap circle

Want to prove you’re the king of FIFA? Kiss the ring and let everyone know who’s boss.

Ronaldo-specific celebrations

How to do it: (Trademark) Tap A/X; (Camera celebration) Run to the cameraman

The camera-shy lad from Madeira probably doesn’t want all of this fuss but two of his iconic celebrations are in the game anyway. Ronaldo’s trademark "Siiii" celebration (including a ludicrous voiceover from CR7) is here, as is his Champions League sit-and-look-at-the-camera celebration. Just find your nearest cameraman for that one.