How to do the 12 new FIFA 18 celebrations – plus more of our favourites

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Along with the new player-inspired celebrations above, there are also a bunch taken from your favourite players from years past. Here are some of our favourites:

Matuidi’s Charo

How to do it: Hold LT and rotate the right stick clockwise/Hold L2 and rotate R3 clockwise

There’s nothing quite like the Juventus man’s bird waddle celebration. Will Strictly come calling?

Benteke’s chest-beat

How to do it: Hold RB and double tap B/Hold R1 and double tap circle

Christian Benteke has ‘contributed’ to one of the Premier League’s all-time great goal droughts with Crystal Palace so FIFA 18 might be the only place you can see the Belgian’s cocksure celebration in action this season.

The Bale heart

How to do it: Flick right stick down then hold right stick down/Flick R3 down then hold R3 down

Despite attempts to copyright one of the easiest hand shapes you can ever make, it’s been copied the world over. You can send some love to the opposition keeper, too. Just don’t let Bale know.

Antonio's floor spin

How to do it: Hold LB and rotate the right stick counter-clockwise/Hold L1 and rotate R3 counter-clockwise

A favourite of one Homer Simpson, Michail Antonio's hilarious move is sure to put the D’oh in "do that to me again and I’ll put my foot through the telly".

Rooney’s KO

How to do it: Hold LB and double tap X/Hold L1 and double tap square

Fun fact: the only celebration to be inspired by Phil Bardsley. This tongue-in-cheek knockout punch will hopefully have your opponents throwing in the towel.

Old man Eto’o

How to do it: Hold LT and click right stick in/Hold L2 and click R3

Samuel Eto’o may not be reaching for the Zimmer frame just yet – but that didn’t mean he couldn’t poke fun at Jose Mourinho's jibes. Just try not to put your back out doing this.