If it's good enough for Jose…

World's most-played cross-platform sports app is back and better than ever. No wonder it's backed by Mourinho...

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It might not have escaped your attention that Jose Mourinho knows a thing or two about management. You may therefore wish to peruse the only computer management simulation that the Portuguese permachamp personally recommends... and it's free.

Top Eleven is the world's most played cross-platform online sports game: having launched in 2010, it currently has more than 10 million active players per month taking part via their browsers, tablets and mobiles – iOS and Android. And on Monday January 26 they'll be delighted to welcome the latest version of the game.

As Mourinho would tell you, even the most successful teams need improving, and Top Eleven 2015 has undergone a major revamp. An extensive graphic overhaul raises the bar for management sims with improved navigation, amazing animations, atmospheric in-game conditions and a gorgeous trophy room where managers can admire their pot-collecting achievements.

Among the new features are inter-manager transfer negotiations and redesigned 3D stadia, while the tablet version is now fully optimised and achievements are available across all devices.

It's a free app but it's astonishingly in-depth – it will help if you can tell your Fernando Arce from your Giovane Elber. But unlike some sims it's easy to get to grips with and quickly gets you into the action.

Like any top manager worth their salt, you have input into everything around the club – from green-lighting the stadium and training facilities to earning cash through TV rights deals and shirt sponsorships. But the heart of the game is the player management.

As the gaffer you choose your tactics and train your players – and then on matchday you can make your substitutions and change the tactics again, whether it's all going belly-up or you're pulverising your opponent. 

But even the greatest manager can only get so far without hiring new players, so as you chase the domestic league and cup and the Champions League, you find yourself involved in the transfer market, with nerve-racking real-time auctions as you bid to buy the best.

And then suddenly it’s matchday, make or break for managers. As you watch the match live, making the real-time decisions that can send your team to glory or despair, will you be able to change football history?

So whether you're a tracksuit-toting titan of the training field, a financial whiz hooked on Moneyball-maximising your men or a tactical genius aiming to teach the world how to play, fire up that phone and get on it. You might be the next Mourinho...

Top Eleven is the most played cross-platform online football manager game ever, with 10 million monthly active users and five million daily active users on web, Android and iOS devices. More details at