25 January 2020
On January 25, 1995, the Manchester United striker launched a kung-fu kick at a Crystal Palace fan. In 2008, the Manchester United legend spilled the beans on his career to FFT, including his departure from Leeds, his acting and that night at Selhurst...
crouch bale
16 January 2020
The former Liverpool and Spurs striker studied the Welsh wizard’s diet and discovered the recipe to greatness 
15 January 2020
Darren Anderton has told FourFourTwo that Alan Sugar refused to let him leave his house until he signed a new contract at Spurs
13 January 2020
Euro 96 finalist and Czech hero Karel Poborsky has revealed why his 18-month stint at Manchester United didn't quite work out
Sheringham England Netherlands
10 January 2020
In a 25-year career that included three league titles and a goal in a Champions League final, Teddy Sheringham has revealed his favourite ever match 
5 January 2020
Despite a 13-point advantage in the Premier League, the Reds legend says the time isn't right to go all out for the FA Cup
Gilberto Arsenal Man Utd
17 December 2019
Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva has told FourFourTwo that being beaten by Manchester United in 2002-03 inspired the Gunners to unbeaten glory the following campaign.
Carlo Ancelotti
17 December 2019
Was he close to taking over at Manchester United? How did he handle Zlatan’s whopping ego? Why is he in the Star Trek movie? The legend answers all...
Teemu Pukki Norwich FourFourTwo
13 December 2019
Teemu Pukki has told FourFourTwo that he thought a career in the Premier League would never come – but initially didn't want to play Championship football last season.
Megan Rapinoe FourFourTwo
13 December 2019
World Cup and Ballon d'Or winner Megan Rapinoe has told FourFourTwo that Raheem Sterling "will have an impact far beyond" football. 
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