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"I could win Wrestlemania, but I'd prefer Preston staying up"
10 April 2011
"De Jong's tackle deserved a red card and three months in jail..."
5 April 2011
"Yeah, I'd wear my crown around the house. Perhaps, on a special occasion, when the kids have gone to bed... you know..."
1 April 2011
"What areas do I need to work on? All of them"
7 March 2011
"When I overstep that boundary I get in trouble. I've had to work hard over the last few years to try and stay on that even keel..."
1 March 2011
"I like hotpot. I've had black pudding, too. Scotch eggs? I've not heard of this"
1 March 2011
"If Roy Evans was at Anfield now, Liverpool would be in the Champions League every year"
1 March 2011
"I probably shouldn't say this, but the atmosphere at White Hart Lane is very, very good"
17 February 2011
Handball! The Arsenal captain reveals his love of basketball – and the famous jugglers he's already met...
1 February 2011
"A hoverboard or a singing puppy? Who writes these questions?"


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