1 September 2010
"Actually, I'm weirdly jealous of bald people"
24 August 2010
"We could get Ibrahimovic. I know that sounds weird, but I could see it. He’d fit in at Spurs...."
6 August 2010
"Obviously if we can get one over on Portsmouth along the way, that would be even better..."
1 August 2010
"Roberto Baggio was a charismatic leader – he even enjoyed those games where his team were losing"
17 July 2010
"I'd like a go at being Bugs Bunny. He was tremendous at outwitting everyone..."
26 June 2010
"Sepp Blatter in a loin cloth, covered in body paint? That would be brilliant..."
16 June 2010
"Every training session we have players like Xavi, Iniesta, Silva and Fabregas. It's wonderful being able to play with them..."
11 June 2010
"Yes, I can speak seven languages. It can be a great help in understanding opponents"
11 June 2010
"Steven Gerrard is a great player. I wouldn't be surprised if England reached the final"
11 June 2010
"I don't need to think or look to know where Xavi will be or what he's going to do"
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