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"United are still in the Simon Cowell trousers..."
1 March 2010
"When I saw my goals on Soccer AM for the first time, I kept pausing it and playing it back"
3 February 2010
"I'm sure the Newcastle fan with a tattoo of me regrets it!"
1 February 2010
"Rafa talks to me a lot about the position of my body..."
1 February 2010
"You and the horse need to be at one with each other"
1 January 2010
"In England, people say 'You have to run box-to-box.' Why do I have to run box-to-box if it's not necessary?"
1 January 2010
"Kenny loves gadgets. I got him to set up my son's Scalextric"
20 December 2009
"If someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse, I'd manage a men's team"
3 December 2009
"Des said to me: 'In 20 years, Andy, everyone will have forgotten about that truck.'"
3 December 2009
"I want to be in the first page of history, the same as Maradona and Pele..."


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