10 June 2010
"I played the Ajax way with Ibrahimovic, Sneijder and Van der Vaart"
10 June 2010
"We had a bad patch with Eriksson as coach. It was difficult for him to adapt to Mexican football..."
10 June 2010
"I had the top button of my shirt undone and the paint was peeping out. It looked as if I'd been knifed..."
9 June 2010
"Goalkeepers should be solid and secure first, and then brilliant second..."
8 June 2010
"If I get beat, I have to play again and again until I win. They always ask: “Why do you hate losing so much, Dad?”
8 June 2010
"If we won the World Cup it would be biggest party Montevideo has ever seen. It would last a week."
8 June 2010
"When you look at them one by one, England have a lot of players with great individual talents - it’s just a case of them trying to reach some kind of harmony..."
5 June 2010
Jacques Chirac must have said something as he handed over the World Cup, but I was in my own little world..."
"Even if we’d won the Europa League, beating Juve would still have been the highlight. A ridiculous game, unbelievable."
18 May 2010
“It’s about making the spectacle for players and fans all the better and I’d recommend anybody to take it up and give it a go”
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