Introducing the astonishing football betting tool that will save you hours and might make you a lot of money

Have you heard of SoccerKeep, the brilliant betting tool? It helps you win bets, saves time and it's free…

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Are you tired of navigating and translating hundreds of websites to get your football betting analysis done?

Well, here comes the good news! In case your answer was a yes, Soccerkeep is everything you had wished for. At first, it might seem to be nothing more than a livescore website, but once you start clicking around you’ll soon find out it’s a whole lot more than that.


Soccerkeep also provides in-depth match statistics, as well as mathematical betting picks that are generated by a unique algorithm that takes into account all the facts that can be stored in numbers – some of which include: goal intervals, players’ performance and availability, goals and location.

The platform covers over 1,000 live football matches weekly, from more than 1,000 leagues and cups (all accompanied by stats and picks). Considering that more than 100 countries are covered, it is safe to say that you will surely find what you are looking for!

What’s it capable of?

Let’s have a look at the last round of the 2015/16 English Premier League season. The system accurately provided 10 out of 10 correct picks on the bet type Both teams to score – 8 have ended up with a Yes, and just two with a No. So let’s take a closer look at some of the matches.

The statistical algorithm estimated that there were 63% chances for either Everton or Norwich not to score on Goodison Park, when the two clubs last met on the May 15, 2016.

However, the developers suggest that we don’t follow these picks blindly. So let’s try and find out what we need to look for in order to establish the most probable outcome for this type of bet.

This is where the Current Streaks table comes handy.

Here we can clearly see that the Toffees scored in each of their last 3 home matches, whilst Norwich failed to find the net during the last three matches when playing away from home. Goals would be another useful section.

This table reveals the fact that both teams scored in only 36.8% of Norwich’s away Premier League matches that season. Now let’s move down to Scores, hoping we’ll spot the final piece of the puzzle.

We can observe that Norwich’s most often registered away scores were 1-0, 3-0 and 2-0 losses, all pointing towards the opponent’s clean sheet. After putting together everything we spotted, it is safe to say that our manual prediction would have gone the same way. But things won’t always be like this, and that’s probably the best part of this system. Although it provides all the relevant info you need to know, educating your mind in the process, it can also challenge you at times with its crazy picks. To give you an example, take a look at this one.

Somehow, Soccerkeep’s algorithm predicted Sparta Prague’s demolition job at the Stadio Olimpico, when they met Lazio in the 2015-2016 Europa League Round of 16. The bookies however weren’t as sharp, providing the odds of 6-1 for Sparta’s away win.

Returning to the last round of the 2015/16 Premier League season, we also spotted that Soccerkeep delivered 7 out 10 correct picks for the Under/Over Goal Line (0.5 to 6.5).

Taking a closer look at Southampton’s 4-1 win over Crystal Palace, we can see that the system correctly predicted everything to do with this match:

Sadio Mane’s 43rd-minute goal was no surprise for the algorithm either. So, how could the AI figure out something like that? Well, in order to find out, when have to take a look at the Goal per 15 minutes table:

The 31-45 interval is a very active time for both Saints – when playing at St Mary’s and Crystal Palace, when playing away from home. Southampton scored (8) and conceded (6) the most goals in that interval, out of the three from the first half.

31-45 is the Eagles’ worst away interval of the whole 90 minutes, having scored only two, whilst conceding seven. This squad must definitely lack concentration.

Exciting, isn’t it? The algorithm also said that both teams were going to score, specifying that the home side will be the first to net one. To find out how it pulled that one off, we should check out the following section.

Who scored first speaks for itself. Southampton opened the scoring in 66.7% of the home matches, whilst Crystal Palace only managed to score first in 41.2% of the away fixtures. This multi-sheet table also has a few other interesting stats, like the number of times that a team was leading and how many times they were drawn level etc.

Plus, there's one more thing...

Now, how cool is that? Remember we told you that this platform will save you a lot of time? This is your proof! You can actually see the injuries and suspensions for the top European leagues.

Start the new season with a winner!

If you want to check out the picks for the new Premier League season, bear in mind that you will need to register an account (it’s 100% free – no subs, no blag and the process takes less than 30 seconds).