Introducing DraftKings: the new fantasy football with cash up for grabs

Get stuck in and show what you're made of with a different kind of game... 

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If you're one of the few people who’s still bothering to fiddle with their fantasy football team, then congratulations. Because FFT certainly isn't – no, not since we forgot to make Riyad Mahrez captain once, while our chosen man did diddly squat in a perfectly winnable home game (but we're over it).
Thankfully for people like FFT, though, there's a new type of fantasy football ready to rock the traditional game to its very foundations – DraftKings. The best thing for folk like us is that you can pick a new team for every matchday… with the potential to win some tasty cash prizes.


Got what it takes? Sign up to DraftKings here and show it

With a $50,000 budget you select the 11 Premier League heroes you think will lead you to glory, bragging rights and financial reward – that's a goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, two strikers and a pair of utility men who can fill any outfield position.

Meanwhile, racking up points will take some skill: as well as the traditional scoring method of points for the basics, your players will also be rewarded for interceptions, tackles won and fouls drawn. Goalkeepers also get points when their team wins. Those of you who have FFT's clever Stats Zone app might have an advantage here; those that haven’t, where have you been? Download for FREE on iOS or Android.

FFT’s stats boffins will be providing some weekly advice to keep you sharp to the under-the-radar points plunderers who could give you the edge, but DraftKings’ own tailored profiles give you the lowdown on your chosen men to keep you clued up on the areas that matter – that's injury news, recent match analyses and their scoring history.

Meanwhile, to keep the competition interesting you can pick from a number of competition types every week; from mega tournaments with guaranteed prize pools to one-on-one battles and even satellites that provide entry to contests with much larger prizes.

DraftKings also offers the opportunity to set up private contests against your mates – and win money off them in the process. You can set the field size, entry fee and the number of players who’ll get paid out. 

Think you've got what it takes to prove your mettle and win some cash? Sign up to DraftKings here, download the app to play and show it...